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  1. A Dubious Expediency: How Race-Preferential Admissions On Campus Hurt Minority Students — By Gail Heriot, Heritage Foundation Special Report 167 (August 31, 2015)
  2. A Lady or a Tiger? Thoughts on Fisher v. Texas and the Future of Race Preferences in America — By Alison Somin, Engage (February 2014)
  3. The Parade of Horribles Lives: Schuette v. Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration, and Immigrant Rights and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary — By Gail Heriot, Engage (October 2013)
  4. Fisher v. University of Texas: The Court (Belatedly) Attempts to Invoke Reason and Principle — By Gail Heriot, 2012-13 Cato Sup. Ct. Rev. 63 (2013)
  5. The Sad Irony of Affirmative Action —  By Gail Heriot, National Affairs (Winter 2013)
  6. Sleeping Giant? Section Two of the Thirteenth Amendment, Hate Crimes Legislation, and Academia’s Favorite New Vehicle for the Expansion of Federal Power — By Gail Heriot and Alison Schmauch Somin, Engage (November 2012)
  7. Executive Order 13583: Establishing A Coordinated Government-Wide Initiative to Promote Diversity — By Christopher Byrnes, Engage, July 2013
  8. Affirmative Action for Men? Strange Silences and Strange Bedfellows In the Public Debate Over Discrimination Against Women in College Admissions — By Gail Heriot and Alison Somin, Engage (November 2011)
  9. Something for (Almost) Everybody in Dodd-Frank: Racial, Gender, and Diversity Considerations in the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Consumer Reform and Protection Act — By Christopher Byrnes, Engage (September 2011)
  10. The Obama Administration: Changing the Rules of the Title IX Game? — By Alison Somin, Engage (December 2010)
  11. Want to be a Doctor? A Scientist? An Engineer? An Affirmative Action Leg Up May Hurt Your Chances — By Gail Heriot, Engage (December 2010)
  12. Lights, Camera, Legislation: Congress Set to Adopt Hate Crimes Bill that Will Put Double Jeopardy Protections in Jeopardy — By Gail Heriot, Engage (February 2009)
  13. The Equal Rights Amendment: Back for an Encore Performance? — By Gail Heriot, Engage (February 2008)
  14. Misdiagnosis: A Comment on “Illness and Injury as Contributors to Bankruptcy” And the Media Publicity Surrounding It– By Gail Heriot